Songs From Under The Sink

by Mischief Brew

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holdinferd In my opinion one of his generations greatest songwriters. Such poignant use of lyrics to make you think. Songs about politics and personal demons. A masterpiece Favorite track: Coffee, God, And Cigarettes.
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peapiepuds does anyone know who did the cover art
dead_beat_theron thumbnail
dead_beat_theron This might be my favorite Mischief Brew album..and I love them all. I keep coming back to it and it never gets old. It begs to be sung along with, folk punk at its best. Favorite track: The Dreams Of The Morning.
DetachableWeenus thumbnail
DetachableWeenus Love this band. Erik Peterson's voice has a way of pulling you into the room and the whole album has a driving sound that's hard to fake: it's called passion.
Neil Hough
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Neil Hough Okay, this is said a lot but this band are underrated. If you like folk punk buy this album! Favorite track: Love And Rage.
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Thank you, Mr. Officer Great For all the things you've said to me For all the good that you have ever done Without you, what would I be? You're the gas upon my flames My love and rage all rolled up into one For every time your gun goes off A new rebel is born So when there's 41 bullets It's 41,000 thorns in your side We'll take a ride down to Precinct 29 And we'll sing and dance and break the code of silence Thank you Governor, thank you Governor To the Mayor and the commissioner Your monster is alive now She's taking to the streets Crashing through your operahouse And tearing out the seats For every time you've signed your name Someone out there dies Found a wallet, not a gun And mother's wiping tears from her eyes We despise your hollow truths and honest lies Now you can't sing the monster into slumber Thanks, bastards! You made me what I am Thanks, bastards! I took the goods and ran Homeland security vs. civil liberty I'm studying in the shadows of our state I've seen the bones they try to hide Cutthroat living's other side The flood of U.S. bathwater displaced The funeral march of all the victims Of your power war Rob the rights and steal the nights And rebels shall be born Forevermore You're the storm We shall play after it pours And joy is sure to come after your silence
Tell me a story Settle the cards Give me a cause for the foreign wars Wrap me up in our flag And let the bombs fall where they may Tell me a tale Make the puzzle whole Give it to the pilgrim without a soul Sell it to the miner who can't afford his coal And may the history factory never close Never close, never close You can build an army of this rabble yet You can make a nation from the ashes of the dead Tell them a story God, blood, and glory Brew up an enemy "They're coming to steal your bread." And let the bombs fall where they may On faces I don't see with names I cannot say For I trust the storyteller with my vote I, pilgrim, was sold a golden soul Sold a soul, sold his soul The first thing I remember Waking up and seeing you there Comfort like a fire Like an answer to a prayer Like a beacon in the blackness Solace from the racket Take your shears to the briars Kill the chaos, make it clear Tell me why the buildings fall and everybody dies I have so many questions Just tell me where to sign And I'll take up arms and lock all the doors And tell them a story about the good guys Of the war, of the war Tell me a story To help me slip away I drank up an enemy So let the bombs rain from our parade And fall where they may
It could have been just like any other day If not for the drug raids They seemed so normal as they were cuffed and hauled away Who could have thought? We should have known Such a nice family, but it's all a show It could have been just like any other day If not for the blood in the rain It could have been just your everyday commute And then I heard the sirens and I flipped on the news "Disobedient civilians have all lanes dammed, Arrests are being made, wrists are being slapped." So I cranked down the window as I rolled past "Get a boss! Take a bath!" That's what the others shouted, but I blared the horn With my fist in the air and my gas to the floor Give me death or give me rain I feel so numb, better give me pain Bomb threats and hurricanes Or a new berry flavor from the coffee tray It could have been just your forgotten school day If not for the drills and the bells that saved The fire started someplace cool and safe Who could have thought? We should have known "Thousands dead," the leaders spoke I pulled at their cuffs while they were at each others' throats Does this mean I get to go home? Give me death or give me rain I feel so numb, better give me pain Bomb threats and hurricanes Or a new berry flavor from the coffee tray Liberty is too much strain It could have been just like any other day If not for the blood in the rain
Children play with matches, start a fire Children play with matches, start a fire Don't ever do what you're told The old are just old Children play with matches, start a fire Children play with fire, tend a blaze Children play with fire, tend a blaze You know where he keeps his drinks And lots of poisons under the sink Children play with fire, tend a blaze Well the world is dry and brittle and dead It'll go up in a flash If we mix it all together, oh what a colorful blast Only shout when spoken to Curse your way through church and school And mess around with father's power tools (He'll never use) Children play beyond the "Keep Out" signs Children play beyond the "Keep Out" signs And if the owners send you home It's bottles, rocks, and stones Children play beyond the "Keep Out" signs Children lead us to the lake of fire Children lead us to the lake of fire And as we drive down into the flames Maybe I'll let you hold the reigns Children lead us to the lake of fire Children play with matches, start a fire Children play with matches, start a fire Just a little gasoline And watch the people scream Oh, children play with matches Start a fire
Beware, the tide's a'rising In the city of brotherly love The blood-red lights were a'flashing As the cellars rose up in a flood And as they dragged you from the depths of mud They beat you while you were down Then they tossed you in jail for a hundred years Save a city, burn it down And that's what they said as they tore your homes to the ground And when I was seven In suburban heaven The teachers and elders and police They covered my ears so I wouldn't hear The gunshots soar through those city streets And if anyone questioned the liberty bomb Or why the timers were even wound A scolding, they'd earn And so, we soon learned To save a city, you burn it down And that's what they said as they burned their homes to the ground So many people and so many lives So many keep silent so they can survive Respect slaughtering cops and the politicians they laud Or the gavels with crush down your home And you'll be expected to applaud So the crime was a trip to the market The sentence, a lifetime of hurt As she saw through tears, her home of thirty years Reduced to rubble and dirt And she cursed those who would approach her And hold papers up to her face And say, "You should feel blessed you live in the U.S. And not some other hellish place." So take heed if you live in the city In a part where the tourists won't tread And beware if you maintain resistance And choose not to be one of the led And if you're out in suburban gardens Don't let them plant lies deep in your head Cause you too could come home to no home Or to find your family dead Cause they got this dream of a city Where no community unity can be found So stand up to save your neighborhood Fuck the city, burn it down
I asked a student of higher schooling He said he didn't care When I asked about the sixties They simply said "long hair" Saw a child getting programmed Getting programmed while she waits And I heard a raving elder Cursing twenty years too late "Oh, how the bastards screwed me, Son, life's too short to wait." And then the students of higher schooling Hid more pills inside his plate So, I'd like to send gratitude and thanks To those who had the courage to defy the mighty ranks Send it to the students who waved the banners Who held flowers up to the tanks And to the ones who are still fighting Yes, all my gratitude and all my thanks So as you sit, baked and hammered So grateful to be dead Saying, "Freedom's here to chilll out, So sit and rest your head." Think of those who fought for your right The path you walk, they paved And those who fought for their right To carry into today When it was they who fed the hungry Spun the Pentagon for peace While the army rounded strangers up Made them instant police They who made a Union Dodged the draft and filled the jails And spread a message of unity Across the nation's rails And said, "We're destroying the house that man built" Kicking down the doors and pulling nails And you've the nerve to tell me That everyone has failed No, you should send your gratitude and thanks To those who had the courage to defy the mighty ranks Send it to the students who waved the banners Who held flowers up to the tanks And to the ones who are still fighting Yes all my gratitude Yes all my thanks I'd like to send out a head, help, heart, and hand To those who had the courage To reach and rise and span Send it to the lovers and the fighters To those who stood up and still stand Those who unchained their wrists And clenched their fists Both here and in faraway lands
Love, love and rage Soon be the day They sang as they swayed in the pews Sang with love Love and rage Soon be the day As they joined up to pray I think of the power of song And the history it brings along And I can almost see sights Those hot southern nights Through blood, rain, tears, or shine They'd unite and fight With love Love and rage I'm hearing some old singer sing A song that our taletellers bring It has been sung through cracked jaws, swollen tongues In the land of the free Where they say freedom rings With love Love and rage So now that I see where I am I see race still determines the blessed from the damned And the greatest of all historical shams Is believing you cannot do something you can
All across every land Every soul, every hand From the clerk to the crook From the pawn to the rook Trace the path, crop to root Scrape the mud from my boot And I found that somehow All are comrades With this beat of my drum With this shot of my gun From my mouth, from my mind From my heart, out of binds Every act, a revolt From your dream, I awoke Rubbed me eyes just to find All are comrades Every soul, every hand All are comrades Every heart, every land All our comrades
Well I used to worship whiskey Now I only drink the Lord And I take my coffee cream and seven sugars Before we meet, we stand out on the sidewalk as it pours Swapping one addiction for another Coffee, God, and cigarettes are all that I need It's all that I need just to break this routine Coffee, God, and cigarettes are all that you need It's all that you need just to be as free as me When I run into my old friends Still drinking from that cup I never stay too long, lest I be tempted I say, "I know you drink the devil's brew. You know, it's just a crutch" No longer must you live your lives dependent You need coffee, God, and cigarettes Are all that you need It's all that you need just to break this routine... Ah, what made me give? Turn off the road that ends at the cliff? Took the car out for a spin Crashed the party, blood run thin Was it waking up with fifty stitches in my gourd? Was it dreaming about bourbon in the trauma ward? Well I knew I was surely gonna end up dead If I didn't embrace coffee, God, and cigarettes
Goodnight, my dear Lay aside songs of spite and fear We lovers are bound Completing a circle and waltzing around Your words soothe as fire Roaring and washing the tinsel from liars And with every kiss Solace and bliss will not seem so rare Our rebel's embrace shall give us a taste Of truth that is masked by a sly poker face A spirit is well and alive Live and we will survive Goodnight, my love The moon, she shines from above So forget all the rough Rejoice and revolt with love when you rise up Your words soothe as waters Carving a path through mountains and mortar To shatter the ground Walls of silence with sound With lions and doves
Forgive me, master, if I hear no rhyme in your glory ode As it was sung in the days of yore Now we sing our own You see, I got this dream of turning grey And having cleared off every plate And to never look to tomorrow's rogues To say they went too far today, hey! To long to awaken every soul From the calm that quells their storm From the peace that blinds them through the times When they should have gone to war Mother, cry and weep for your bright babe Father, hold her through the rains Let the thieves not take her away from me And turn her to a slave of the trades The dreams of the morning Let me not die mourning May the sirens turn a'shrugging As we carry on a'laughing As we carry on a'laughing all the way May there always be fish in your streams And water in your wells And to those that peddle empty heavens We'll take your silver and run like hell May there always be rage in your heart When a master brings the reigns To detest the thieves of our daughters and sons And raise from the dead today The dreams of the morning Let me not die mourning May the devils come a'crying Carry me away a'laughing As we all go a'laughing to storytelling graves
Down where the dullards roll Hard to keep a match lit in this hole Up where the idiots lead, scattering seeds Well we all had to stand for the pledge When bones were thrown, we all fetched But still we were burning inside How did I get out alive? And we read, "Here we are free." Sang, "This land was made for you and me." Watched as the president swore, called for war We all tied yellow ribbons 'round necks And we all had to stand for the pledge So smothered by national pride How did I get out alive? Back when the idiots ruled I was a timebomb brought into school It was there that we learned up from down Upside down It was there that we stood for the pledge Where the living were raised by the dead Led to slaughter, kept inside their lines So how did I get out? By some rebel angel, was I blessed? Or by some devil's minion, led? One by one, we all choked on their lies How did I get out alive? Hey, but I ain't no saint sent down to save you If you struggle and fight, you just may get out too
(Music: traditional, words: trad./Erik Petersen) Let the Midnight Special shine her light on me Let the Midnight Special shine her ever-loving light on me Well, you wake up in the morning And it's the same old thing Dehumanization by the inhumane The warden's dog is treated better And I can't take it no more Think it's time to turn some pages No more to study war If you're gonna run for office Then it's TV time Before you mention schools or service It's hey, let's talk about crime Say, "I'll sweep 'em into prisons Whether they're 60 or 10." Politicians throw a party When they're put to death It's a billion-dollar business It's a booming field It's a good stock investment Such blooming yields Positions in the corporations Jobs down in old steeltown Seems like everybody's happy Except those locked up and locked down


LP/CD of songs written between 1997-2002 but never recorded until 2005, and released after “Smash The Windows.” A full-band version of “A Rebel’s Romance” appeared on the LP, while the CD had an acoustic version. Recorded in Philadelphia at Permanent Hearing Damage by Steve Roche.


released June 6, 2006


all rights reserved



Mischief Brew Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Emerging from the undead ashes of PA punk troupe The Orphans, Mischief Brew started with a scratchy demo tape in 2000 and has since spread the good word of anarchy, hilarity, and rebellion across state lines and even the Atlantic Ocean a few times. We've managed to exist for over 13 years in one form or another by kissing nobody's ass and doing everything ourselves, for the most part. No rules! ... more

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