Raise The Youth

by The Orphans

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The Orphans were Erik Petersen's punk rock troupe in the 90’s before Mischief Brew, and this is a collection of everything (worthwhile) that they ever did! Includes studio tracks as well as live, practice, and acoustic songs. More angry youthful rebel-core than you can shake a skateboard at. CD version is out of print.


released August 10, 2004



all rights reserved


Mischief Brew Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Emerging from the undead ashes of PA punk troupe The Orphans, Mischief Brew started with a scratchy demo tape in 2000 and has since spread the good word of anarchy, hilarity, and rebellion across state lines and even the Atlantic Ocean a few times. We've managed to exist for over 13 years in one form or another by kissing nobody's ass and doing everything ourselves, for the most part. No rules! ... more

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Track Name: Virus One
Stop spreading your virus
Your pamphlets, your ways
Stop spreading your virus
Your beliefs, your hate

I don't wanna get sick, no!
Track Name: Way Of Life
A society of consumer fools
Precedents to not stand on their own
It's the way it's always been
Try to find the place it's carved in stone

Wanted to start a brand new way of life
But somebody closed my eyes

We'll make millions
All we have to do is say we care

I don't wanna live like that
Won't live for someone else
Someone not even in need
I'll just live for ourselves

Is that so difficult?
I just want to care
But life is not that fair

We'll make millions
All we have to do is say we care
Say we care

A society of shopping carts and Christmas trees
And traffic lights and cookie cutters and putty knives
The putty they mold
Now they're ready to hit the grocery stores
Salesmen, corporate cocks, politicians
A fast-food co-op plan
For life to pass a brand new man

I'd rather be divided from the line
Than be a fool-breeder run by time
Tick tock

Who makes millions
All he has to do is say he cares
Track Name: The Government Stole My Germs CD
The government wants to overthrow its subjects
GOP has issued secret codes
CIA has put them on our stop signs
FBI is tapping in our phones
Billy Bob's the slick one
But we've seen his dishonest smiles to the crowds
I praise the press, I surf the internet
Hope I'm not revealed as a coward

Got my gun and got my flag
Believe everything I've read in all the mags
So paranoid and ready to kill
Shootin' kids from my windowsill
Insane, demented, paranoid, pissed
But I'm gonna have to deal with it
Cause reform is bloodshed, reform is hate
Reform is fear, reform because
The government stole my Germs CD

I sell my peace by forcing hate
The violence on the TV screen
I believe segments of "Hard Copy"
No one else knows where I've been
I'm just a nazi with old glory
Turning it into a confederate shroud
I charge anarchy and comfort
I gotta make my buddies proud

Got my beer and civil war mind
Blast from the past with much more lies
Seen as criminals, not as us
True pacifists don't suck
Insane, demented, paranoid, pissed
AK-47, it deals with it
Cause reform is bloodshed, reform is hate
Reform is crass, reform because
The government stole my Germs CD
Track Name: Your Customers
You're giving in to their life
Press your back with a knife
Off on a holiday
No more time for disarray
Working days, torpid nights
Angry youth's gonna fight
Every year is getting worse
Play never, hate first

But you love your customers
Cause they give you the cash
And you hate your customers
Cause they're a pain in the ass

You're giving in to their life
Supermarket with your wife
Follow the American way
No more time for disarray
Cubicle: college for this?
No option of getting pissed
Your customers are ruling you
Cause the market told you to

All the stocks are going up
Cause your mind is giving up
All we care about it you
Until we get in the break room
Track Name: Buy Your Logic
By your logic, (hu)man gives up
I don't wanna buy your logic
What's to gain?
What's the same besides your logic
What's so new?
What's the new outsider logic?
What's outside?
Nothing yet

Buy your logic
By your logic
Buyer logic

Sell your logic to the rocks
They don't wanna buy your logic
Matchless names
They've got security and substance
You've got none
By your logic, I gave up

Well I don't wanna buy your words, slogans
Symbols, walls
Sense, logic
You've got none at all
Phrases, pages, phases, stages
Destination in baited cages

You uphold a law that's not innate
You uphold a law not of the state
You attack, you turn the black sheep white
You attack, great change without a fight
You throw bricks and hide behind your glass
If that breaks, at least you've got your class
You uphold a law that's not innate
You uphold the laws that you create
Track Name: Plastic Threat
The cops are afraid of you and you...
The cops could be afraid of you and you...

Threats of violence, plastic threats
Taunts and instability
Outside but crawling in your skin
The threats display futility

Sticks and stones may break your fists
But names will make them vanish
As someone in blue suit and sunglasses
Makes you cringe and banish
Wake up and drink your coffee
Wake up and use your head

The boss is afraid of you
The boss could be afraid of you

Threats and orders, plastic threats
Boss on the back of a sorry son of a bitch
Capital, people, bastards, bullies
He don't know which is which

There's no time for standing up for what you believe in
You feel he controls your mind (mouth?)
But I don't believe it
Wake up and drink your coffee
Wake up and use your head

Everyone is afraid of you
Everyone could be afraid of you
Track Name: Anorexic Mind
Don't feed me any of your shit
Not gonna buy any of it
Won't get fat with all your lies
Your happy package was just a disguise
Don't want your product or your views
At least the cynics never lose
Can't get diseased, cause they're immune
To gilded far-fetched cartoons

I don't like what I see
I've had my taste test
And I don't like it
I can't believe it took this long
To make you transparent
I don't like it

I've got an anorexic mind
Don't feed me any of your shit

Say I'm just a wimp
I won't take what you're dishing out
Bulimic gut, bulimic mind
I'll chew you up and spit you out
Don't want any of your lies
You've got your pills to pass the time
Too bad I spoiled all the fun
Your days of gluttony are done
Track Name: The Anthem For A Doomed Public
You're not getting the facts
You're not getting the truth
You're not hearing the actual voices of the youth
All you're getting is a marketing tool
Props to sell us "cool"
Reasons to be a fool are fed and said
We flocked, you led

And we accept it all
No way there's no right or wrong
Unless the money's there
Then thought ain't got a prayer
Mass persuasion: fan the flames
To have freedom within the chains
It can't appear that we're aware
Of what is going on out there

The cleansed and filtered public mind is doomed
They're doomed, they're doomed
Deprived of any truth
The public is doomed

Mindwash is what's in store
You get addicted, you ask for more
Fake 'em once, then fake 'em again
Cause what they think they want, they'll get
There's a thirst for lies these days
We're mice inside their maze
Their utopic restraints are fed and said
We flocked, you led

Oh, you poor public mouth
You eat whatever's out
As long as it's on sale
You walk the traveled trail
Mass persuasion: fan the flames
To have freedom within the chains
It can't appear that we have gained
Reverse intentions of their game
Track Name: Out!
Why should they, why should we feel your insecurity?
Ruining better days of others
While she stands out of the way
Out of the way

You changed your identity days ago
So we don't see
The spoiled prince is turning grey
As angst rears its head
She's out of the way
Out of the way
Track Name: Elbow Problem
He's the big man on the campus
But he still manages to fool us
His stress is gonna mount up and explode
But we'll stand up
There's only so much one man can take
Before his sanity will break
An operation, a success
To get rid of the so-called best

Only the best demented figures of authority
Track Name: They
They, they, they
Control our lives, lives
We never meet
We just assume that we've known each other
Since our birth, they've been scheduling, assigning
Writing, deciding, and watching like Big Brother

So hey (hey hey hey)
The man said, the man said
Who the fuck are They?

They turned on the lights
They want it bright
Yet black, as our ignorance
They are all the men behind the masks
On the TV, gilded with false substance

They're the police making us walk the line
They, I'm going crazy
They make me go crazy

Give what they can take
Take what they can get
Reassured from behind those shades
That our lives are secure, we'll be alright
They measure our standard of living
But they create it as well
Mark the expenditures, set up the economy
Walk around the basement
They fail-safed a society
With the threat of Hell
The questioners fell
They desire the nihilists be expelled
From their dream of an ignorant world
The threat of defiance infertile
Where the almighty word is what they said
Til you never wonder, who the fuck are They?

They turned off the lights
Remaining sights have now been darkened and been dimmed
Who, why, how and then ask where?
Behind the mirror
Mirror's one-sided, one-way
And it's always been

Who the fuck are They?
Track Name: Outwitted
I've got you under your skin
And I didn't even intend to go in

If you were such a professional man
You'd beat me at a level
That I understand
But I outwitted you

Your permits and degrees can't hide the blatant truth
Cause they didn't teach you how to understand in school

I anticipate tearing your structure to the floor
So you cannot hide behind papers anymore

With print and the power of the pen
I outwitted you
Cause they didn't teach you how to understand in school

Well, I've got you under your skin
Reassure yourself that I didn't win
But it's all in print
And we know the truth
Track Name: Molding Our Son
Hey hey hey, I wanna say
Got pretty scared the other day
Five-year old son refused to eat his spinach
Didn't care if I played cop
Rebellion made my heart stop
Shoved it down his throat to make him finish

Not to worry, not to fear
He won't be the same next year
We're molding our son til the day we die
Molding our son
Clay spine, clay mind

Hey hey hey, I wanna say
Got a phone call the other day
Fifteen-year old was forging tests in school
Didn't care if I played cop
Rebellion made my heart stop
We don't want a leader but a tool

Hey hey hey I wanna say
Broke down and cried the other day
25-year old son's a nazi skin
Question should we have played cop
We just gave him love nonstop
What in God's name went wrong with him?

It's alright, it's ok
Hundreds are being born each day
They keep on molding their sons
Clay spine, clay mind, my mind...
Track Name: Big Brother, Bigger Mother
Parents losing touch with all the teens
No remorse for becoming your son's fiend
Build their trust, then violate it
While your kids are out there, but getting high?
Now your son's got a mind of his own
You cry at night cause he is not your clone
There's a scapegoat, he must be on drugs
Waste your cash on tests
Get out the bugs
Let's get out the bugs

Just a swipe across his desk
Use our fairly accurate test
Weekly gunpoint urination
Makes up for lack of parent-teen communication
Big brother, bigger mother

Just when you thought that it was safe
You thought your parents got used to your ways
Family has conspired to take you out
They bend you til they get what you're about
Parents bought a product, it's not fair
And I know the company don't care
Mismatched results could get it wrong
When they could have the answers all along

I don't wanna talk, just need a cloth
No no no is not enough
You've got a mind of your own
Figure it out:
We are not your clones
Big brother, bigger mother
Track Name: What Reason Have They To Dance?
Today in a village of famine
A feast was had by all
So stop all the presses
And listen for the riots and brawls
But no rifles were aimed at comrades
Only at our fascist lords
There were ghosts of Winstanley's farmers
When they were wielding ploughs not swords

What reason have they to dance and to sing?
Their pockets are all empty
They've not stewards, queens or kings
No bosses, laws or order
Marching armies must be bring
To give them all a reason now
To dance and to sing

Hush, scholar of history
Do not write a word
We'll make repetition out of precedents
See that this dream goes deferred
Tell on insatiable greed within us
And how the rebellion didn't work
So in a hundred years, it's forgotten
Shift the tale and shift the worth

Where the women took up arms
To kill the fascists to protect life
Where the food was freed at last
For all the peoples' fork and knife
'Tis the reason they have to dance and to sing
Their pockets are all empty
They've no stewards, queens or kings
No bosses, laws or order
Everyone has everything
Each day gives them a reason now
To dance and to sing
Track Name: For An Old Kentucky Anarchist
High upon a forgotten mountaintop
Lay a garden untended and dry
'Twas a yard that hadn't felt children's feet running
For the mother long ago taught her children how to fly
Within a simple cabin, untouched by industrial hands
Sat the aged mother in her home
"You can't escape the picture frames, there's too many," she said
They keep me from being alone

Well, she spoke, he was an honest man
He worked hard to put food on our plates
Well, we had more babies than we had arms
We struggled all our lives, but the rewards were great
And when my son came home from the war
He rested his head on my breast
And said, ma, I'm tired of being used and grinded down
I feel so low
Can you make me feel like I'm the best?

Well, my best friend truly wed a savage man
He wore her like a bad tattoo
For his only love was for a bottle
She said, there's only one thing left for me to do
To be wild once again, to take back my life
To run away
Set flames to his truck
He won't ever know what he's been missing
I did every day
Joy, freedom, dance and love
Yeah, dance and love

These are the stories that this mother spoke to me
As I brought her garden back to grow
I was rewarded with a warm meal
Tales never to be heard
Some call it poverty, but they'll never know
She said, all I got's my stories and this old guitar
My crops have all come and gone away
I got a head fulla recipes
Enticing to the taste
And a liking to wake up and greet the day
Got a bad back from raising my children
From hugging my husband so tight
Hell, I never cared much for any government
I got my Jesus when I feel the time is right

Singing, I'm the richest I'll ever be
I embrace the world I have all around me
So sing a dying song and slap your knee
Have a taste of true anarchy
Track Name: Business To Attend To
Business to attend to
My obligations great
In number and importance
Fashionably late
But not too much to make them
Wiggle in their chairs
Toss glances to their comrades
And question in their pairs

Look at my watch
Do I have time
In my section of the day
To commit a crime?
To look at the beauty
To look at the seasons
But don't let my masters
Know of this treason

Family to support
Speeding to my home
I stop and I am thankful
That I don't live alone
But I would like to run
Random in the week
Off to any given place
Where I could stop and think

I do that just two weeks a year
And my God knows that I'm there
Safe and sound under company time
Safely out of their grasp
But safely near the report of the chimes
Track Name: While You Were Out
I am a victim of demands
A unit in their quota
A neck within their hands
A scapegoat and a blame
Compressor of the strain
A vent or the penned-up reality

The cleanest man is oh so dirty
You walked on a ground not sturdy
No exception for their written laws
No explanation for their groundless cause

While you were out
Kids were diseasing each other
Brothers were killing their brothers
People decaying in the gutters
While you were out
The world was falling apart
Right before your eyes

You were busy fulfilling orders
Remaining safe inside their borders
Writing tickets to the suspects
While you used the culprit's pen

A reason marked
I am ranked and filed
Should I now attack the innocent child?
Twisted logic
And a faith dispenser
Makes the "us vs. them" wars
Much more tense(r)
Track Name: Raise The Youth
For every stern and bitter head
Preparing for the bout with death
For every freak tossed into line
There is a youth's dangerous smile
The deviltry in innocence
A path without signs on a fence
Laugh at the old, grinded by stress
Destroyed by tax, destroyed by war
In times when they didn't ask:
What're we fighting for?
When veterans sang and didn't weep
And we were all God's silent sheep

But that was then, we've moved along
It's shaking down, glad I'll be gone
These are the words of elders grand
Now that the world is in your hands
Can't argue that
You have control
Now is the time to take all they've stole
Is the greater sorrow a child yearning age?
Or an elder wishing they were back again?