Free Radical Radio Fever

by Mischief Brew

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Acoustic 7" single, part of the Gunner Records Singles Club. Released exclusively in Europe, but available worldwide as an online/downloadable version (which includes a bonus track, "The Ballad Of The Cloth").


released January 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Mischief Brew Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Emerging from the undead ashes of PA punk troupe The Orphans, Mischief Brew started with a scratchy demo tape in 2000 and has since spread the good word of anarchy, hilarity, and rebellion across state lines and even the Atlantic Ocean a few times. We've managed to exist for over 13 years in one form or another by kissing nobody's ass and doing everything ourselves, for the most part. No rules! ... more

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Track Name: Free Radical Radio Fever
Come sit down, your name is on the table
Between the graves and cradles
Before the old and new
Wait your turn and smile for the papers
The sanders and the shapers
Will have their way with you
And shake the hands of masters
While outside, insurrection
The sound can't be mistaken
So pretend like you don't know them
And say you've gone beyond it
You're ready for some peace
And who can argue with that argument
When no one says a thing?

Come kneel down and beg for some redemption
You've finally learned your lesson
That this is how we change
Not here nor there, no patriot or traitor
You've learned to sit for supper
And you're sleeping in your cage
It's politics as normal
It's votes and views and morals
None of which mean nothing
To the people kept in storage
Who wake up in the morning,
Their nights are in your hands
At least the smashers and the crashers
Know exactly where they stand

Hey Mr. Talk Radio, for once we agree
That we can't afford no liberals in times like these
On our feet or on our backs
And they're on their knees
No we van't afford no liberals in times like these

Come lay down, they'll put you underwater
Like clay unto a potter
They'll wash your dirty clean
Let's hear your plan for a natural world order
Free trade across the borders
Gas-efficient war machine
The dead tree needs a trimming
The poisoned earth needs weeding
Your houses are sinking
And the seas, they are rising
It's all so inconvenient
Let's stall it while we can
And so it's business as usual
Give the liberal a hand

Here in the brave new world
Two sides of a grand old flag unfurled
Here in the brave new world

Hey Mr. Hannity, for once we agree
That we can't afford no liberals in times like these
On our feet or on our backs
And they're on their knees
No we can't afford no liberals in times like these
Times like these...
Track Name: Carried Away
They say that I was born on fire
And saw the whole thing upside down
Grew through the cracks and cut my wires
And turned the stones all inside out
A youth of smoke and coffee
A game of tag that never ends
And never learned my lesson
And never sorry for my sins

I'll never wash the mud away
If you gave the chance to me
Leave it be
If ever I was caught
And shaken by the feet
And asked what for
I'd cross something
And say I just got carried away again
Away again, away again

So after 18 years, released me
And picked myself up off the ground
No master around could teach me
So how I wore that atlas out
Now, been underground and upward
Seen the classes clash and fight
But no one knows what we turned into
When the moon is out and high
And as we washed the blood away
We couldn't help but say
Hey, what a day
The more that it's forbidden, the more I wanna fight
To see you on the other side
I know I'll never lose these scars
But if you gave me the chance, no thanks
I'll keep this fire burning high
It circles me until I fry

Let's just get carried away again
Away again, away again...
Track Name: The Ballad Of The Cloth
I am a simple man
I have seen kingdoms span
I have seen empires rise and fall
And turned my diamonds all into sands
I scorned the body, the flesh, the bloody
And tossed my money all down the drain
I thought I'd feel so much lighter than air
When I abolished my earthly chains
But something more is calling me
And I think my eyes can see it
I think my hands can touch it
So asking you, Lord above
As you piled the plates up
You gave them bread, you gave them water
Then you told them what they could and they couldn't touch
I scorned desire
But now the fire is growing higher into the sky
So I refuse to simply lock myself away
And let this heaven on earth pass by
There's no glory in greed and want
But there's none in poverty either
Like they give you salvation, damnation
I'll take neither

I once said it's not about riches or rags
And now I do remember
That these puddles of wax won't give me candles back
And won't keep you warm in December
So let's storm the castle
Declare the kindgom rich
And do away with slaves and masters
No longer do we want the sleep of eternity
To come around faster